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Loudoun County’s Economy Relies Heavily on Agribusiness.

New Ag School Provides Training of the Future Stewards of our Valuable Rural Economy.


If we want the next generation to be responsible for the land and the bounty that comes from it, we need to educate them. That means showing them how to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and introduce them to farming and agribusiness in Loudoun County.

This is the path to making our thriving agribusiness economy sustainable for future generations.


Growing food or crafting products from the land doesn’t make a difference, unless people can make a living and help each other make a living from the land. Not just today, but tomorrow as well.

Loudoun County’s 1,400 farm businesses make up 51 percent of Northern Virginia’s agri-tourism venues.


Source: 2017 Virginia’s Agritourism Industry Economic Impact Report

Agri-tourism, which includes activities carried out on farms or ranches that offer members of the public, for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes, to view or enjoy rural activities, including farming, wineries, ranching, harvest-your-own activities or other natural activities in Northern Virginia contribute more than $522 million to Virginia’s $2.2 billion agri-tourism industry.

We need to train future leaders who will continue and grow Loudoun County’s agri-tourism/agribusiness economy, which includes:

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Niche farms that offer – beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, dairy products, flowers, herbs, vegetables, Christmas trees and even alpaca products!

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