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About The New Ag School

In today’s increasingly urbanized society, many individuals aren’t exposed to the meaningful work of simple gardening, farming, raising animals, or other agri-business activities. In fact, a substantial portion of young Americans are not being “handed down” the traditions of an agriculture based economy, which are vital to our economy.


The New Ag School (NAS) is working to change that in Loudoun County. NAS is an innovative hands-on program dedicated to raising up leaders who understand, appreciate and can do the work needed to support agribusiness today and into the future here.

NAS provides exposure to authentic farm industry, as well as an introduction of what it takes to run a business – whether a winery, bed and breakfast, or farm.

Education through Mentoring

A mentor farmer employs and trains our future agribusiness leaders. Working side-by-side with their mentor, mentees come away with a greater appreciation for all that farmers and rural business owners accomplish for themselves, their businesses, and the larger community. With dedicated first-hand training and insight, mentees acquire a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable skill set that can be applied to many different agricultural settings.


Through NAS, they truly have the opportunity to be the future agribusiness leaders of Loudoun County.


Our Mission

The New Ag School (NAS) seeks to develop a workforce that can meet the needs of the shared economy of Loudoun County. Specifically, NAS Focuses on agribusiness education particularly in the areas of farming, value added process and hospitality.


NAS recognizes and celebrates the following advantages to an agriculture-based economy:

  • exposure to locally grown food

  • reconnection to nature

  • preservation of open space for others to enjoy

  • exposure to how agribusiness, farms and agri-tourism provide value to Loudoun County


NAS is dedicated to training individuals to be equipped, skilled and passionate about working the land and relating with consumers as a career.

We are also committed to the continuous training of our trainers.


Program participants become competent stewards who embody the culture of sustainability through their experience in the learning program.

Join The New Ag School

At The New Ag School, we welcome volunteers who share our passion for agribusiness education. Join us in our mission to develop a workforce that can meet the needs of the shared economy of Loudoun County. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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